Дугуй дөрвөлжин ган хоолойд зориулсан халуун худалдаа cnc лазер хэрчих үйлчилгээ

хоолой огтлох үйлчилгээ

Бүтээгдэхүүний тодорхойлолт

Бүтээгдэхүүний хэрэглээ
Sheet metal cutting area: 3015(3mx1.5m), 4015(4mx1.5m), 4020(4mx2m), 6015(6mx1.5m)
Metal tubes cutting width: round pipe diameter 25mm-150mm
square pipe 25mm×25mm -100mm×100mm
Metal tubes cutting length: 4000mm/6000mm
Laser output power: 500 / 700 / 750 / 1000 / 1500W

                                                                                       Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд      
Эрчим хүч
Cutting area

round pipe diameter


square pipe 25mm×25mm -100mm×100mm

round pipe diameter


square pipe 25mm×25mm -100mm×100mm

round pipe diameter


square pipe 25mm×25mm -100mm×100mm

Зүсэх зузаан
sheet 0.2-12mm
tubes 2mm
sheet 0.2-16mm
tubes 3mm
sheet 0.2-18mm
tubes 3mm
Таслах хурд
Хөргөх арга
Ус хөргөх
Ус хөргөх
Ус хөргөх
Цахилгаан хангамж
380V / 50HZ байна
380V / 50HZ байна
380V / 50HZ байна

ACCURL  series laser cutting advantages

1. The novel appearance
Stable machine tool structure, modern appearance and function fused together made it beautiful and practical.

2. The good layout
Adopts integrative structure, reduce coverage, and exposed circuit, convenient to troubleshoot, make working environment clean and tidy.

3. Elaborate clamp device
Equipped with sophisticated clamp and lifter device.

4. Reasonable laser protection
Unique laser environmental control system, make the fiber laser is always under a safe working environment.

5. Automatic compensation
Equipped with environment temperature automatic compensation device, decease the influence of thermal deformation of machine tool, to ensure the high precision and stability cutting.

6. Flexible configuration
Optional pipe cutting function (4 m, 6 m).


The world toped IPG fiber laser source and laser power supply
HE's fiber laser cutting machine adopts the world-toped IPG laser source, service life of vital components up to 100,000 hours.

Red light indicating system
The red light collimator is used to help the operator to calibrate working point in the whole metal sheet.

German fiber laser cutting head
German technology cutting head, wih capacitor non-contact automatic tracking system adjust the best focal length to ensure the best cutting effect, quality and cutting lines even the material surface is not smooth; lowest 0.2mm high-speed capacitive sensing cutting space improve cutting performance and reduce gas consumption.

Удирдлагын систем
Лазер хэрчих машин adopts high efficient HE numerical control software. Which with powerful function, strong compatibility for NC document, DXF, PLT, Al and other mapping software formats, can draw any flat graphics on computer, produce any products without molding, saving time and costs.

Machine tool system
The machine adopts gantry structure, the compact structure, small coverage, easy operation and maintenance can meet the 24-hour production needs.

Хөргөлтийн систем
Low-power water chiller is just needed to meet the working requirements, achieves lower energy consumption.

Exhaust Fan
Центрифугалагч үлдэгдэл нь ажлын орчинг хэвийн байлгах, ажилчдын аюулгүй байдал, техник хэрэгсэлд үзүүлэх хор хөнөөлийг багасгахын тулд тоосыг зайлуулдаг.

Rotary Clamp
Rotary clamp can hold round pipe and square pipe, with thickness 3mm, length 6000mm. The clamp can feed automatically with stable long-time feeder work.

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